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Monday, January 10, 2011

Year in Review

Since it's been a year since I updated this here blog, I thought I would just bring it up to speed in one fell swoop. So, get ready for what is certain to be the lengthiest post this blog has ever seen. (Or maybe not, we all know my memory is pitiful) But I promise pictures (!) and a slide show (!) to break up the boring.

Andrew got tubes, turned into a totally different child once his ears weren't a nightmare.
Andrew pulls up on the furniture.
Bought land next to some friends to build a house.

Put our house on the market

Andrew turned 1! Had a big party with friends, family, chocolate cake, and lots of presents.
Andrew started walking toward the end of the month. He is 30.5 inches tall, and weighs about 24 pounds.
Andrew's friend Caroline turned 1.
Grieved with our dear friends the loss of their precious baby girl Jillian.
It was so hard to have so much of the happy and the devastating all at one time. Quite an emotional month.

Accepted an offer on our house, begin packing. Still tweaking plans for our home to be built.

Moving day comes at the end of the month. It was kind of hard to leave our house, though we were both ready for more space for us and more room for Andrew to play. This was our first home together, where we brought Andrew home from the hospital. A little bittersweet. We moved to a duplex to save money (ha!) while our house is being built.

Break ground on the house.

I traveled to San Jose CA for work, leaving Andrew at home with Chad for 5 days. HARD to say the least, but we all survived.

We are becoming weary of apartment living.
Andrew is growing and talking a LOT.

House is almost finished!
Hmmm. I'm sure something else happened this month.

MOVING!!! Spent this month getting settled in our new home.
Andrew is now 18 months old, weighs 28 pounds, and is 34.5 inches tall. He loves his new house, and is enjoying all the room to play.

Celebrated Thanksgiving with my family at Mom and Dad's.

Chistmas at home! Both families came to our house to celebrate. It was so nice to have plenty of room for everyone! Celebrated New Year's with a quiet night at home. May 2011 be so much better than 2010. This was a very hard year, for so many reasons, most of which I don't feel I should put on the blog. But we had babies born, strengthened relationships, happy times, and a sweet boy to celebrate too.

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Renay said...

So glad you posted about the past year! You can keep it up now--I know you can!! Dear friends like you all have helped us endure the past year and yes, like you said, may 2011 be a better year. Thank you for being the friend you are and for continuing to remember sweet Jillian. Love you!